Appearance Edit

Being a fusion of Goodra and Magcargo, it has recieved traits from both characters. It has the body shape and design of Goodra, yet it has the shell of Magcargo. It is slightly smaller and lighter than most Goodra.

Info Edit

They cannot be around other non-fire type (or some water types) Pokemon because of how hot they are all the time.

Because of past experiences where they harmed other Pokemon, they decided to move into an empty cave and didn't plan on coming out.

...Until <whoops I ran out of ideas here pls come back later and hopefully I'll figure out their story>

Trivia Edit

  • Although it is currently known as Pizza, Flamey has stated she wanted to rename it because she felt like every time she'd eat pizza she'd feel like she's eating Pizza itself, if that makes sense.
  • Not to be confused with the Pizza (Food).